Personal History and Goals






Academic overview

From the moment I began academic learning through high school, I was homeschooled by my mum, a professor who teaches from home, and my stay-at-home-dad. I began attending college full-time at fifteen through the Running Start program and earned my high school diploma and AA-DTA simultaneously. I stayed on at Clark College for a third year to take some more STEM classes.
In Fall 2020, I will transfer to Western Washington University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Freshwater & Terrestrial Ecology with a minor in Linguistics. In addition, I am very grateful to have been accepted into the Honors Program where I will complete a capstone service project.

Work & Volunteerism

In 2016, I began volunteering with a community organization called NoMethanol360 whose goal is to oppose the world’s largest fracked-gas-to-methanol refinery proposed to be built on the banks of the Columbia River in Kalama, WA. Over the past four years, my job has included writing and delivering speeches and testimonies, acting as an organization representative in interviews, leading rallies and fun community events, and representing the spirit of Kalama in personal interactions with government officials.
I have also recently begun volunteering with a secular, science-oriented summer camp called Camp Quest, which I have been attending as a camper since the first session in my region in 2012. Now that I am of the legal age, I volunteer as a staff member, helping create a fun, diverse, and accepting camp atmosphere for children ages 8-17.
The Clark College Native Plant Center was the only place I have officially “worked,” although my position was an unpaid internship. For 8-10 hours per week, I started seedlings, then up-potted, fertilized, and organized plants. After a couple of weeks, I moved up to more intricate assignments such as organizing and advertising the annual native plant sale, researching edible & herbal uses for native plants, and aiding in the fulfillment of Department of Natural Resources contracts.
I was also generously provided the opportunity to be a Teacher’s Assistant for an ecology field trip course run at Clark College which I had attended the previous year. My job consisted of aiding students in identification of birds and plants, prompting discussion of native ecology and the trophic cascade, sparking enthusiasm in ecology education, and assisting the professor personally.

Personal interests

Outside of school and community service, I spend my time hiking, birdwatching, gardening, playing guitar, training my Blue Heeler puppy, and spending time with family and friends. I am a vegetarian, atheist, self-declared nerd, and lover of adventure in all forms. Please explore my sample work!

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